HortiMaX MiniMaX

Maximum Results with Minimum Effort

This handheld input terminal (6x10cm)developed by HortiMaX makes it a breeze to enter labour and harvest data. All data are available in real-time and instantly update you on the progress of activities, costs, worker performance, harvesting and quality. As a result, your operational processes will be more transparent and easier to manage.

The MiniMaX is a breeze to use thanks to its clear colour display, five-button controls and scanning capability. Since the MiniMaX also allows workers to scan the RFID tags of paths, tables, containers or harvesting trolleys, inputting data is fast and error free. Information is transmitted via an industrial wireless network that has more than proved itself in the horticultural industry.

The MiniMaX can only be used in combination with HortiMaX Productive, our latest generation of labour and harvest registration software. This new software incorporates the knowledge acquired from P-Plus registration systems covering a total area of more than 1000 ha of protected horticulture.

PDf Click here to download our MiniMaX leaflet in English

PDf Click here to download our MiniMaX leaflet in German

HortiMaX MiniMaX
  • Lets you input crop and batch data
  • Lets you create custom tables or graphs
  • Can be interfaced with sorting machines and third-party software
  • Allows data from different business locations to be combined

Our mission statement

We strive to maximize our customers' yields and profits by providing intelligent, innovative and user-friendly all-in-one solutions for commercial horticulture. We do this throughout the world with a team of dedicated and expert staff.