HortiMaX Irrigation Checker

Accurately monitor your irrigation application

Manually checking the amount of irrigation water applied with measuring cups, buckets or beer bottles is now truly a thing of the past thanks to the HortiMaX Irrigation Checker. Methods such as these generally yield inaccurate results. What's more, since these methods tend to be carried out irregularly, they lead to fewer errors being discovered and, once found, it’s usually too late. The Irrigation Checker is a unique and affordable solution that shows you precisely how much water your plants have received. The Irrigation Checker measures the irrigation volume using a reference dripper, allowing you to effectively monitor the distribution of water during each irrigation cycle or over an entire period. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also lets you manage irrigation with greater efficiency and accuracy.

More information?

PDF Click here to download our Irrigation Checker leaflet in English

PDF Click here to download our Irrigation Checker leaflet in German

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HortiMaX Irrigation Checker
  • Automatically monitors dripper water output
  • Provides maximum control over greenhouse irrigation
  • Saves time and prevents errors in irrigation application