HortiMaX Newton Slab Weigher

Optimize your crop's root environment

The Newton slab weigher lets you monitor the changes in your crop’s water consumption by continuously measuring the weight of the substrate. This allows you to control your crop’s development by managing the timing and volume of irrigation based on the slab weight. The Newton slab weigher is particularly suitable for crops grown in hanging gutters and comes in two models: model 100, which can measure a weight of up to 100kg, and model 200, which can measure a weight of up to 200kg. The weighing results can be processed by any HortiMaX irrigation computer or the HortiMaX MultiMa process computer.

More information?

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HortiMaX Newton Slab Weigher
  • Monitors the substrate weight
  • Generates alarms if deviations occur
  • Can be used for hanging gutters or outdoor applications
  • Comes in model 100 (for weights up to 100kg) and model 200 (for weights up to 200kg)