HortiMaX Pyrgeometer

Save energy by measuring the outgoing radiation at night

When the skies are clear, outgoing thermal radiation (or heat loss) from your greenhouse is higher than at the same outside temperature in cloudy conditions. This means that during clear nights, the thermal screens should be closed sooner than when it’s is overcast. Outgoing radiation is measured with a pyrgeometer. Once it’s connected to your climate computer, you can program the thermal screens to close based on the outgoing radiation.

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HortiMaX Pyrgeometer
  • Allows greenhouse screens to be controlled based on the outgoing radiation
  • Lets you anticipate heat loss, so the pipe temperature can be adjusted accordingly
  • No more surprises on your energy bills


Customer testimonial

Screen control based on the Pyrgeometer

When there are no clouds in the sky, outgoing heat radiation (i.e. heat loss) is much higher than when it is overcast. The Pyrgeometer allows you to measure this type of radiation, also called the ‘net atmospheric heat radiation’. If your screen is controlled based on outgoing radiation, it will close sooner if the outgoing radiation is high and later if the outgoing radiation is low.

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