HortiMaX PT Sensor

Precise plant temperature readings

HortiMaX’s plant temperature sensor allows you to accurately measure the temperature of your crop. The PT sensor measures the temperature of a representative number of plants in an area of 5 to 10m2. Since the crop temperature tends to differ significantly from the ambient temperature, the PT sensor enables you to better monitor and control your crop’s development. It does so by measuring the temperature at the top of the crop, which to a large extent determines the crop’s growth rate.

Precise crop temperature readings allow you to control your greenhouse climate more effectively. If the incoming or outgoing radiation rises above a certain value, the PT sensor shows you if the crop temperature is either too high or too low.

More information?

PDF Click here to download the PT sensor leaflet in English

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HortiMaX PT Sensor
  • Alarms based on high and low Plant Temperature
  • Control based on Plant Temperature supported by MultiMa and CX500
  • Less crop stress, higher yields and improved product quality
  • More effective deployment of thermal screens


Customer testimonial

'Plant temperature-based climate control easier than first thought'

Cucumber grower Pleun Struijk had plant temperature sensors installed in all of his glasshouse compartments. His aim was to prevent the ambient temperature rising too high in summer and to save energy in spring and winter. The plant temperature now determines 50% of his climate control strategy.

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