HortiMaX MultiMa

The cream of the crop

The HortiMaX MultiMa has been the leading greenhouse environmental controller for years now. This control computer offers unparalleled versatility and is a breeze to operate thanks to our advanced Synopta software. The MultiMa’s state-of-the-art features allow growers worldwide to maximize crop production.


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HortiMaX MultiMa
  • Comprehensive and advanced irrigation management
  • Energy efficient thanks to intelligent PAR controls
  • Extremely flexible Pad and Fan controls

Customer testimonial

Redstar in Dinteloord: ‘This concept has a lot of potential’

RedStar’s nursery in Dinteloord (NL) is now around 24 acres in size. Bram Hendrickx tells us: ‘We chose the Ultra-Clima® greenhouse concept with an eye to the future. He continues: ‘Choosing the right climate computer is essential. It must be flexible enough to respond to the constant changes in our greenhouse. That’s why we went for the HortiMaX MultiMa. Not only were we at RedStar already familiar with this computer, but, HortiMaX was also very flexible in meeting all our needs for this project.’

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